One of Grippers’ Annual Walks

Grippers is a charity in Gloucestershire to support people who are recovering from mental illness.

Grippers exists to give financial help to enable those who are recovering from psychosis to participate in educational and outward-bound projects, sports and art activities and courses, to encourage confidence and a return to normal life.

The Work of the Charity

Since its foundation in 2006, Grippers has raised an average of around £8000 per annum. As we have virtually no overheads, almost every penny goes to fund a wide variety of activities, sports and other equipment and educational courses.

Every July, we pay for a four-day residential outward-bound style course in West Wales, attended by up to twelve young people who are recovering from psychosis. They take part in challenging physical activities as well as planning and cooking meals, building trust and confidence and judging by the smiles, having fun and chilling out.


NEW: Rotary Donation

We are delighted to announce that Rotary Severn Branch has made a generous donation of £500 to pay for this autumn’s craft activities which include stained glass production. This is a course involving a large group of service users. With only a little guidance, the group determine and choose their own preferred activities and it is noteworthy that there is evidence of a huge amount gained by those taking part. Thank you very much to the Rotarians.

£5000 Turnstyle Designs Donation

We are delighted to announce that another organisation has recognised the excellent work done by Grippers. Turnstyle Designs, which is a Queen’s Award-winning design company based in Barnstaple has chosen us as beneficiary of their annual programme of charitable donations. Thank you very much to the Directors of Turnstyle Designs for their generosity.

Charity of the Year

Grippers is very pleased to have been chosen by M&S Cirencester as their Charity of the Year. Grippers was nominated by Siddington resident Megan Vasey who works for M&S. Megan is refreshingly open about her own mental illness in the recent past and the help she received in getting better.

She wants to help others who find themselves in a similar position and could not think of a better candidate than Grippers as it is local and active in helping young adults recover from mental illness.

From May 1st, customers will see our yellow collecting boxes at the M&S checkouts and customer service desk. In addition, Megan has various other fund-raising plans for the coming year as she is keen to exceedthe amount raised by last year’s charity.

Registered charity no. 1117290