One of Grippers’ Annual Walks

Grippers is a charity founded in 2006 to support young Gloucestershire adults who are recovering from mental illness.

Grippers exists to give financial help to help those who are recovering from psychosis to return to normal life. As we have virtually no overheads, almost every penny goes to fund a wide variety of activities, sports and other equipment and educational courses.

The Work of the Charity

Every July (except 2020 and 2021 due to Covid), we pay for a four-day residential outward-bound style course in West Wales, attended by up to twelve young people who are recovering from psychosis. They take part in challenging physical activities, as well as planning and cooking meals, building trust and confidence and, judging by the smiles, having fun and chilling out.

All this needs a steady flow of income which comes from a wide range of sources. A very special example is Anna, who decided to raise money as a way of thanking the GRiP (Gloucestershire Recovery in Psychosis) team. She ran a half marathon in October 2020 and raised an amazing £500. A huge thank you from Grippers to Anna and all our sponsors and supporters.

Anna writes:

I experienced psychosis in the summer of 2017 in the run-up to my final third-year exams at university. During my recovery, I attended mindfulness sessions and really appreciated meeting people who have also experienced psychosis. When my care coordinator at GRiP (Lou) invited me to a sponsored walk, she also suggested I do a sponsored run for Grippers. I had trained for a run in 2018 and did the Bristol 10K in May 2019. I really noticed that this was when I started coming back to my true-and-well self. I knew that exercise and activities really helped me to feel confident again so I was inspired to help provide that for people who have experienced something similar to me. I’ve come so far and received such incredible support, which I wanted to give back in some way. I know that the money I raised will do so much good, especially after the year we’ve all had in 2020!


UPDATE (01/03/22):

We are delighted to report a very welcome donation from JS Film Productions of Malmesbury. Like so many charities, Grippers has suffered a reduction in income during the past two years so it is particularly good news to have such a pleasant and unexpected gift. JS Film Productions were inspired to make this donation as they noticed that our overheads are so low and they are pleased to know that every penny will be well spent.

In February, the Gardening project attracted the attention of BBC Radio Gloucestershire, leading to broadcast interviews with Grippers and GriP staff at the allotment and polytunnel in Horton Road. Last year, the gardeners planted, grew and harvested an impressive crop and at Hallowe’en, they all enjoyed some home-grown, homemade pumpkin soup. Grippers are so pleased to sponsor this project which ticks all the boxes for recovery.


We used to invite donations via a link to “Just Giving” until they withdrew their free service. Alas, all charitable donation organisations
such as Just Giving charge a fee which is difficult or impossible to avoid. We believe that money from donors should all go to the chosen
charity. For this reason we prefer donations to be paid directly into the Grippers bank account by BACS. Even better would be a regular donation which some donors already do. For reasons of security we do not wish to publish the account details on this webpage, but we are very
happy to provide these details in response to an email enquiry to us at info@grippers.org.uk

Registered charity no. 1117290